Stoic AI

Hybrid Intelligence Development Vision 2022-2023

The Cindicator team remains interested in exploring and developing technologies and products based on Hybrid Intelligence that encompasses crowd wisdom, collective intelligence, and super forecasting. In 2022, we will allocate some of our resources to combine Hybrid Intelligence, DeFi, and DAO ideas into one decentralized ecosystem. Our goal is to focus on more robust connections with a well-working business model that has already proved its value. For instance, as Hybrid Intelligence creates value in the form of forecasts, users who are end-beneficiaries bear the costs - a compensation to collective intelligence for its work. Forecasters involved in creating the product should receive a reward enough to keep the motivation and competition high. The opposite is also true - if the indicator or signal or strategy creates no value, then this product should not exist.

What's Happening?

For more than six years, Hybrid Intelligence has existed in a framework where the Cindicator company was the sole manager and facilitator. That defined the questions forecasters were asked to predict the market moves, indicators, and rewards. This current framework is subject for updates.
The company is building a framework where Hybrid Intelligence can work for the good of all participants in the ecosystem. In that framework, participants decide what questions to ask, what research to do, and what reward size is fair.
Opening the door to Hybrid Intelligence technology, Cindicator won't stay aside. The company will play one of the key roles, create new products and support existing ones - SuperForecasters, Macro Sentiment Indicators. At the moment, we see SuperForecasters as a pivotal direction in the new framework.
The system of rewarding forecasters is another subject to updates. We aim to increase the financial motivation of forecasters who provide value through prioritizing quality over quantity. Currently, the company is looking into new possible initiatives and rewards for the forecasters who constantly provide highly valuable predictions.

What's Changing?

As we gradually move on the new rails, we are not planning to develop Edge further. However, we will continue to support the version without unpopular indicators. The move is crucial to free up forecasters and turn them in the other direction.
Moreover, since Cindicator Bot duplicates the functionality of Cindicator Edge and lacks user analytics features, it will no longer be available to users. All current users can use Cindicator Edge instead of the telegram bot for receiving and analyzing indicators.

Hybrid Intelligence + CND DAO

As we gradually move towards CND DAO, we see Hybrid Intelligence playing a key role in the ecosystem. Every player in this ecosystem benefits: community members get the forecast, while forecasters receive rewards in the commission fee.
We will pass the decision on the reward size to the participants of CND DAO, including the CND holders, to balance out Hybrid Intelligence operations and raise the motivation of the forecasters.
For instance, a community can provide forecasters with orders, decide on new indicators, etc. In that scheme, forecasters offer their data, and Cindicator acts as a facilitator - we make it happen. As an active player, Cindicator will share some of the profits, letting the CND DAO decide on what portion goes where.
In the realities of CND DAO, there may be new connections that can generate new streams of motivation for both parties, new indicators, or new products. The connection between Hybrid Intelligence & CND DAO is an important topic, and we will not cover it in this announcement. We will post more details at a later date. Summing up, DAO will be actively involved in the management, development, and motivation of Hybrid intelligence.